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Sky Cinema Contact Number

Sky Cinema is, without a doubt, one of the best subscription collection of movie channels there is. There are several different channels under the Sky Cinema brand. 

If you wish to upgrade to Sky Cinema, then you will need to use the Sky Cinema contact number.

0843 133 7194

Upgrading Your Package

You will be able to upgrade your package to include Sky Cinema online. However, in our opinion, the process is going to be a lot smoother if you do it over the telephone. All you need is the telephone number for Sky Cinema.

It is, perhaps, worth noting that if you opt to get the package deal, you will need to take all the channels that they currently offer. You will not be able to pick and choose which channels you want. 

Thankfully, the whole package should be affordable, so this is not going to be that much of an issue.

Remember; when you get in touch with the Sky Cinema contact number, you may want to discuss what other package options they may be able to offer you. In you are in the midst of the football season when you give them a call, or if this is your first time considering Sky Cinema, then they may be able to offer you a good package deal!

Call the Sky Cinema Contact Number 0843 133 7194

Sky Cinema is the new name for Sky Movies. It went through a rebranding in 2016.

You Also Get...

If you subscribe to Sky Cinema, you will also be able to enjoy a plethora of movies ‘on demand’, although this is going to be dependent on the service that you currently opt for from Sky. This, again, is another reason why you should contact the company rather than doing everything online. At least this way you will be able to get a rough idea with regards to the types of service that you are able to use.


At the time of writing, there are several different channels that you will be able to find under the Sky Cinema brand. Each of them offers their own selection of movies. In addition to this, there may be temporary channels from time to time. These ‘over ride’ the channels that you already have. For example; in recent years, Sky have dedicated a whole channel to showing the James Bond movies. Almost every year, they dedicate a channel just to Christmas movies. You will be notified in advance when this happens.Categorised ContentOne of the brilliant things about Sky Cinema is that when they categorised their content in 2016, they were able to source a far larger selection of movies than they had in the past. This means that channels will have a collection of dozens upon dozens of movies to play to the viewer. Sure, some channels do have some repeating content e.g. Sky Cinema Disney Pixar, simply because there are fewer movies which can be shown on the channel, but if you are watching those channels, you will probably end up loving the content anyway!

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